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About Us

Since 1928 City Savings Bank has successfully met changing economic challenges. When our area faced the Great Depression of the 1930's, City Savings Bank was building its foundation on sound financial practices. When jobs for people were the most important commodity in the community, the bank was making loans that built houses and provided needed capital for people that operated small businesses. Through its lending practices it was a little "economic engine" that worked for the welfare of its community.

Throughout its history City Savings Bank has taken pride in providing service to those people who work hard for the needs of their families and keep their small businesses operating through good times and bad. We have recruited and trained bank officers and employees that have backgrounds just like our customers. Our employees truly make the difference in the kind of service that you receive. They are the best trained bankers in Louisiana and yet they are still compassionate in what they do. We understand the challenges facing the people we serve.

For over 80 years our "economic engine" has continued to work for you. Whether it is safety and soundness in a banking institution, loans for your family or business, financial planning for your future, or insurance and investment products, you name it; we got it.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your loyalty and confidence that you have shown by letting us be your bank. I invite you to come by today so that we can show you how our people make the difference.